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Play Pouch The Implementer of Toy Rotation

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                                   Play Pouch, the implementer of Toy Rotation



With Christmas quickly approaching, we need to prepare!! I’m not talking about putting the decs up, and what trimmings we will accompany the stuffed bird, I’m talking about the avalanche of all those toys!

Too many toys are a problem, if your household is anything like ours was when we had little ones, you will have storage boxes, (you know the ones, clear plastic, unsightly) filled to the brim with toys, they will be hiding behind your sofa, piled high in your under-stair cloakroom, and stacked precariously in your lounge. If you’re honest, how often do those toys at the bottom of those boxes get played with? I’m guessing at hardly EVER!!  

Storing toys isn’t the only problem, modern parents are facing, with more toys than the average toy shop, kids are still becoming bored! And not only that, disconnected, over stimulated and tiresome. When I noticed this in my own children, I finally admitted to myself that I needed to act, and simplify their little worlds. This is when I introduced Toy Rotation, with a little help from my forever friend Play Pouch!

Toy Rotation is nothing new, it’s been around for ages, or at least for as long as kids have had it so good!!  It simply allows the child to focus, explore and concentrate on a few toys at a time. Think of it this way, the more choice a child has, the more he/she will become accustomed to excesses, expectations will rise, novelty of new things dissolves, and demanding of more will prevail. This in essence how a child becomes ‘spoilt’, but for a more accurate description, I prefer ‘spoilt for choice’

The basic principles of Toy Rotation are simple! Keep play time fun and interesting, create novelty, and less choice! Resulting in, more engagement, independence, creativity and overall a more enriching toy interaction.

Implementing Toy Rotation, is easy, just take some time when the kids are in bed to streamline the toy situation! Throw away broken toys and puzzles with missing pieces, and send age inappropriate good quality toys to the charity shop. Organise toys into Role Play, fine motor, creative, and Puzzles. Each week bring out one collection, we stored this collection in the Play Pouch, mainly because it opens out into a large play space (containing the mess), it’s easy to pack away (even for the kids) and, well, did you ever see toy storage look so good?? And there you have it, the fundamentals of toy rotation.

Now this is a very basic outline and principle, but you can go to extreme measures in organising your child's play time. I have gone down this route in the past, but overly structured and micro managed Play, can loose its appeal, plus its hard to keep on top of. Children should be able to lead the play, and be given the tools, time and space to let their little imaginations run wild, this is enough!

 So, let’s say goodbye to up turned storage boxes, knowing the pain of stepping on those  tiny pieces of Lego, and un-played with expensive toys, and hello to practical stylish toy storage, organised play, and contented kids!!!

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